Basement Renovations

If you require a basement remodeling, it can raise the value of your home, increase your equity, and add much-needed living space. By expanding it you will improve your life conditions. For this, there is a modern tendency to renovate a basement and make one more cozy and comfortable corner of your house. Surely you would be concerned about knowing what basement renovations cost in Canada and whether it is profitable to do so.

Definitely with us the cost is reasonable and it depends on various factors, including your preferences. But in general, the idea to finish your basement is profitable for sure.

Good Earth Builders is a design/build specialist, including being full-service contractors that handle every service required for your basement remodeling.

Our Design Offerings Include

1. Architectural design
2. Interior design
3. 3D rendering
4. Full construction drawings
5. Material selection expertise
6. Space planning
7. Conceptualization layouts
8. Custom cabinetry shop drawings
9. Material selections
10. Color selections

Value-Added Services

1. Email and phone communication
2. Weekly updates
3. Understand work stages
4. Add-on and Change-Order
5. Quotation management
6. Budget management