Calgary Rezoning Bylaw: Helping Address the Housing Crisis


In response to Calgary’s growing housing needs, the city has implemented the Rezoning Bylaw, a crucial initiative aimed at addressing the housing crisis through strategic land use and development. This bylaw facilitates the rezoning of land to accommodate higher density residential developments, including duplexes, four-plexes, and row townhomes. By enabling more efficient use of land, this bylaw aims to increase the housing supply, provide more affordable options, and support sustainable urban growth.

What is Rezoning?

Rezoning is the process of changing the zoning classification of a property to allow for different types of land use. In Calgary, the rezoning process involves amending the Land Use Bylaw, which governs how land can be used and developed in the city. Through rezoning, properties can be transformed to support higher density housing, mixed-use developments, and other community-oriented projects.

Benefits of Rezoning in Calgary

Increased Housing Supply

 Rezoning allows for the construction of multi-unit residential buildings, such as duplexes and four-plexes, thereby increasing the overall housing supply and providing more options for residents.


By promoting higher density developments, rezoning helps to create more affordable housing options, addressing the needs of low- and middle-income families.

Sustainable Growth

Encouraging denser developments in appropriate areas supports sustainable urban growth, reducing urban sprawl and making better use of existing infrastructure.

Community Development

Rezoning can lead to the revitalization of neighborhoods, attracting new businesses, and enhancing community amenities.

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The Role of Investors in Addressing the Housing Crisis

Investors play a vital role in the success of the rezoning bylaw. By investing in land and developing higher density housing, investors contribute to alleviating the housing crisis in several ways:

1. Duplex Developments

  • Description: Duplexes are two-unit residential buildings, ideal for accommodating more families within the same footprint as a single-family home.
  •  Impact: Investing in duplexes helps to maximize land use, providing more housing units without requiring additional land.

2. Four-Plex Developments

  •  Description: Four-plexes are multi-family homes with four separate units, often designed to fit seamlessly into residential neighborhoods.
  • Impact: These developments significantly increase housing density and availability, offering affordable options for larger families or groups of individuals.

3. Rowtown Homes

  • Description: Rowhomes and mixed-use developments provide residential units in the heart of the city, often combined with commercial spaces.
  •  Impact: These projects support urban living, reduce commuting times, and contribute to the vibrancy and economic health of Calgary.
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Steps to Rezoning and Development

1. Initial Consultation: Investors and property owners can consult with the City of Calgary’s planning department to understand the rezoning process and requirements.
2. Application Submission: Submit a formal rezoning application, including detailed plans and supporting documents.
3. Review and Approval: The application undergoes a review process, including public consultations and assessments by city planners and council.
4. Development and Construction: Once approved, investors can proceed with developing the property according to the new zoning regulations.

Success Stories

Many investors have successfully navigated the rezoning process and contributed to Calgary’s housing landscape. These projects serve as examples of how thoughtful investment and development can make a positive impact:

Example 1: A local investor transformed a single-family lot into a duplex, providing two modern, affordable housing units.
Example 2: A developer created a four-plex in a previously underutilized area, revitalizing the neighborhood and increasing housing availability.
Example 3: An investment group developed a mixed-use building downtown, combining residential units with retail spaces, enhancing the urban experience.


The Rezoning Bylaw in Calgary is a key initiative to address the housing crisis by promoting higher density developments. Through the collaborative efforts of investors, developers, and city planners, Calgary is making significant strides towards creating a more sustainable, affordable, and vibrant urban environment. By investing in duplexes, four-plexes, and rowtown homes, individuals and businesses can play a crucial role in shaping the future of housing in Calgary.