Kitchen Trends in Calgary

2024 Kitchen Trends in Calgary

Join us as we explore the top predictions for 2024 kitchen trends, offering insights and inspiration to elevate your culinary space. Whether you’re a seasoned renovator or a design enthusiast, prepare to be captivated by the possibilities that lie ahead. Let’s embark on a journey into the future of kitchen design, where style, functionality, and creativity converge to create spaces that inspire and delight.

Green Cabinets in kitchen:

green kitchen cabinets calgary

The emergence of green cabinets as a dominant trend is hard to miss. Revered for its calming effect, green has become the go-to color choice for many homeowners in 2024. The experts for kitchen renovations in Calgary – Good Earth Builders predict this trend to endure well beyond the year, as it offers a tasteful way to infuse color without overwhelming boldness. From serene sage to rich, intricate hues, green cabinets are set to make a statement in kitchens across Calgary.

Rockwood dark green kitchen cabinets
Ripe olive kitchen cabinets calgary

Warmer Whites kitchen:

white modern kitchen calgary

While the allure of white kitchens remains strong, there’s a subtle shift towards warmer, creamier tones. Beige, cream, and taupe colors are gaining popularity for their earthy appeal and cozy ambiance. Fear not, the era of bland beige is unlikely to make a comeback anytime soon, at least according to industry insights.

Wood Cabinets:

Wood Cabinets in Calgary Kitchen

Wood continues its ascent in the realm of kitchen design, with more homeowners and designers opting for wood materials in cabinetry. While all-wood kitchens are rare, wood, and wood alternatives like Laminate TFL, are making a notable comeback. Light and dark wood stains are both in vogue, although lighter stains remain the top choice for now.

Wood kitchen Cabinets

Super-Matte Materials:

glossy finishes kitchen cabinets

Sleek and matte finishes are in high demand, particularly in the luxury cabinetry segment. The pandemic-induced decline in glossy finishes has paved the way for the rise of super-matte materials. These cabinets not only look exquisite but also offer a luxurious tactile experience. Scratch and fingerprint resistance further enhance their appeal, making them ideal for busy households.

Black and Gold:

black cabinets paired with gold accents

Bold and dramatic, matte black cabinets paired with gold accents are gaining traction among homeowners seeking to inject personality into their kitchens.

Modern Spanish Style Kitchen:

Modern Spanish style kitchen calgary

The influence of Modern Spanish style is spreading from homes to kitchens and bathrooms. Characterized by chunky arched entryways and exposed wood beams. Warm whites and brown wood grains define its distinctive aesthetic, setting it apart from other design trends.

Japandi Style Kitchen:

modern kitchen in Japandi style

Japandi style, a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian elements, is set to dominate kitchens in 2024. With warm-stained wood and neutral tones, this minimalist look offers a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

japandi style kitchen calgary

Coffee Bars or Coffee Zones:

coffee bars or zones within kitchens

Dedicated coffee bars or zones within kitchens are expected to gain popularity, offering a convenient and stylish solution for coffee enthusiasts.

The 2024 kitchen trends promise a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and innovation, offering homeowners in Calgary endless possibilities to elevate their culinary spaces.

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